Organised jointly by the Specialists Trade Alliance of Singapore (STAS) and TAC Group, The Work-Home Marketplace 2021 is the first marketplace ever held at a sheltered carpark bearing the concept of an car boot sale!

Working remotely has become a new norm for most. Many are adopting the practice of telecommuting with a blurred line between work and personal life.

The Work-Home Marketplace is the first event in Singapore conceptualised to provide the needed solutions for anyone to work from home.

Coupling with a CAR BOOT SALE concept at Level 8 Carpark of HarbourFront Centre, this B2C marketplace is perfect for direct sourcing of products and services, focusing on home and technology related products and services that enhances the experience of working from home.

Messages by Singapore Ministers
Working From Home - New Norm

“ Working from home will continue to be the norm for the majority even after the circuit breaker. This will be the modus operandi of how things will progress in the next few months, if not a year or two, because we will take some time to adjust to this new normal. And all of us will have to rethink the way we live and work to do this. “

“ Employers should continue to keep this as default arrangement unless employees have a demonstrable need to return to the workplace, such as to use specialised equipment. Many employers and managers will need to adjust their mindsets to this new normal. “

“ Working from home remains the default mode of working. Employers must ensure that employees continue to work from home for at least half of their working time, and no more than half of such employees are at the workplace at any point in time. ”